I was right

Urg and I hate being right sometimes.

The Toddler did in fact have some kind of stomach bug.  For her, its not too bad.  Not to say it’s massively pleasant feeling like crap and having the runs, but kids deal with it better.  They manage to sleep through the stomach grumblings.  Me, on the other hand, I just throw up.  Continually.  For about four hours!

Well, it began at 2 am on Wednesday morning.  I managed to drift off to sleep at about 4.  I woke up again at 6 with disturbed vision.  I couldn’t see a thing.  My sight was completely blurred.  When this didn’t clear after about ten minutes, I realised I could be in trouble.  OHs sister had had pre-ecampsia with her third child so we were all very aware of the risks.  I couldn’t talk.  Talking made me feel sick.  So I sent a txt to the OH telling him I was in trouble and needed him to phone the mw.  I then woke him up by calling his phone.  Sometimes its not so bad he loves his phone so much!

My mw is lovely. She’s absolutely amazing.  She’s also been married to my uncle for 25 years and delivered The Toddler.  Nothing like keeping it in the family. Anyway, she came over and checked bp and pulse, both of which were slightly higher than my normal, but that’s to be expected after throwing up.  She also offered to listen to the baby, which I had to decline as laying down made me sick.

It was all a bit dramatic for 7am, but luckily I was fine, so is the baby.  All except the tummy bug.  We seem to be clear of it now though.  Thank goodness.


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