The pain of pregnancy

Today I have suffered.

I had SPD when I was pregnant with The Toddler but this time its worse.

Last night when I got up, my hips crunched and groaned.  They also clicked and moaned as I clambered back into bed.  I think I need to get more pillows.  The only that I can’t find places to put them that make me feel more comfortable!  I just have to fall asleep where I can and then put up with the agony all day.  I’ve tried using my mat belly band, which helped with the hips, but made the belly sore and annoyed the baby.  I’d like to avoid annoying this baby as its tiny sharp feet keep finding their way under my ribs!

I’ve tried giant pants but the didn’t support me as much as I’d hoped.  I have asked my mw for the number for physio, but I’m totally shit at remembering to do things so I have yet to phone them.

Ultimately, all these things culminated today into intense pain which almost became intolerable.  I am now sat on my brand new gym ball and I cannot tell you how good it feels to rest my pelvis.  Hmmmmmm.


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