During this pregnancy I’ve had some serious anxiety issues.

The thing is that on average, here in the uk 1 in 100 babies are stillborn.  Since I found out I was pregnant this time, more and more people around me have been announcing their own pregnancies.  As a result, my poor brain has been working overtime with this 1 in 100 number.

And it scares me shitless.

I don’t want to be the 1.  And I definitely do not want anyone I know to be that one.  I hate that these things happen anyway and everytime I hear about it, my heart goes out to the parents.

So, when my friend was going to be induced at 6am yesterday and we hadn’t heard anything by midnight last night,  I freaked out.  To the point where I didn’t really sleep.

However, we have just heard that baby is fine and mummy is fine.  I feel like I’ll get at least one nights sleep.

Surely this level of worry is not normal?


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