Not the one I was expecting

I was hoping to post a blog about labour, induction and birth for my good friend who is going in tomorrow, although I’m sure I’ve recounted most of it numerous times over the past few weeks so she’s probably a bit sick of hearing it tbh.

Fortunately, that blog post is currently sat on my phone in draft form and as it is taking me forever to write, and as I want it to be perfect, there it shall stay for another couple of days.

Tonight, I’m not feeling too clever again.  When I was pregnant with the Toddler, I had mild morning sickness (retching mostly if I didn’t get something to eat) at the beginning and no serious symptoms apart from cramps and general aches and pains at the end.  This time, however, I’m 34 weeks and I’ve been suffering from lack of sleep and stupid third trimester sickness, which tends to kick in as….I’m trying to go to sleep.  Helpful!

I’ve not actually vomited (yet) but I tend to spend a lot of my time feeling uncomfortable and sick, coming over all cold and feeling like I have to dash to the loo.  Argh.  I’ve already had two bouts of stomach flu with this pregnancy and now this, which is increasing in frequency.   And I have 6 weeks left to go.  Will I go insane?  Quite possibly.

Anyway, I’m just glad I’ve started maternity leave and can focus on nesting.  I mean getting the house ready.  It would be awesome to have the The Toddler already settled in the big room before number 2 arrives, but it’s looking increasingly more unlikely.

There’s always something isn’t there?

Final words for tonight:  Trust yourself, you’ll know what to do!


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