How did I get here?

OK, so I’ll begin kinda in the middle-ish.

I discovered computers late on.  Worked my butt off to get a couple of qualifications and then a job on a helpdesk.

A few months later, I was promoted.  And then again…and finally I found myself let loose on a bunch of Windows 2003 Servers on a night shift.  Happy happy joy joy.  Or at least it was until 2008 when I was sadly made redundant.  Along with the rest of the team and my partner.  It was crappy.  I would go into the details about the job centre, but they are tedious and boring and quite franklly, I’m over that.

Anyway, Christmas rolls around with all the merriment of drinking too much, smoking too many ciggies…getting up the duff…

I found out I was pregnant with the Toddler on the 28th of December 2008.  Both of us were jobless and signing on.  Both of us hadn’t really expected it to happen as nothing had happened for 18 months or so after trying.   We were due to go and get fertility tested.  This was not the greatest plan in the world.

So, I applied for jobs, just like they tell you to at the Job Centre.  One came up that to be honest, I didn’t really much care for, but in order to fill my quota of applications for the week, I applied.  This happened to be on a helpdesk at The Company.  I didn’t really want to go back to helpdesk and answering the phones, but I was left little choice and when they offered me the job I had to snatch it up and hope something else came along later…

I started the new job then I started having problems in the pregnancy.  Bleeding.  In and out of hospital.  Scans, scares, horrible stuff and very frightening.  But it all turned out well in the end with The Toddler being born on the 29th of August 2009 at 12.15am weighing 6lbs.

Post natal depression followed, along with fears, anxiety, paranoia and problems breastfeeding.   I stuck out the breastfeeding though, until the Toddler was 15 months old!  Go me!

Back to the story – post natal depression was also accompanied by something else – another pregnancy.  Then a blighted ovum, and an operation.  That took some recovering from.  I expect one day I’ll blog properly about that, but now isn’t the time.  I’m not in the right mood to talk about it.

ANYWAY – returned to work, still on the helpdesk and stuck there for all eternity until another pregnancy was discovered on 20th September 2010.  Yippeee…freedom? Well, not really although I’m finally finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopefully.

The rest will be covered as we go along…


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