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The Blue Surprise

So called because i had no idea what shape he was going to be when he was finished.

I feel he may be a little understuffed but he’s very soft, very cuddly and extra cute.  He’s going to a new home tomorrow where hopefully he will be loved for a few seconds at least.

He’s assymetrical, although he wasn’t made that way but I think it adds to his charms.


PSN data breach

In our circle of friends we have the fiercely loyal XBox 360 owners/gamers (us), the not so interested in the games as the gadgets people and a couple of ps3 fanbois.

Needless to say, at the moment, my OH cannot hold the gloats in. And we are both seeing an increasing number of claims on facebook about credit ir debit card fraud which people are directly attributing to the breach.  Ok,  it’s possible.  Sony have said that to be on the safe side, customers are being advised that credit card data MAY have been stolen and its probably a good idea to cancel cards or at least watch your balance.  However, shouldn’t we be doing the latter anyway? I’m just as guilty of not being aware, but when identity theft and credit card fraud are so rampant, we should probably be a bit more careful anyway.

Not saying that the PSN breach isn’t serious.  One of the most serious in a long time in fact.  The OH and I have had to ask why all this data was stored in a similar location and not spread out over the network.  We can only assume that the data was easily accessible from one location or linked in multiple locations.  Where were their DR plans? And how did they not notice 77 million users’ worth of data leaving their network? I’ve heard a rumour that the cause was a misconfigured apache server.  I’m not an expert, but why was this left in this state on a publicly accessible network?

I don’t know too many of the details, having just skirted the peripherals of the story and having a passing interest in Internet and computer security but it seems that Sony are going to have a lot of kissing ass to do.

I was right

Urg and I hate being right sometimes.

The Toddler did in fact have some kind of stomach bug.  For her, its not too bad.  Not to say it’s massively pleasant feeling like crap and having the runs, but kids deal with it better.  They manage to sleep through the stomach grumblings.  Me, on the other hand, I just throw up.  Continually.  For about four hours!

Well, it began at 2 am on Wednesday morning.  I managed to drift off to sleep at about 4.  I woke up again at 6 with disturbed vision.  I couldn’t see a thing.  My sight was completely blurred.  When this didn’t clear after about ten minutes, I realised I could be in trouble.  OHs sister had had pre-ecampsia with her third child so we were all very aware of the risks.  I couldn’t talk.  Talking made me feel sick.  So I sent a txt to the OH telling him I was in trouble and needed him to phone the mw.  I then woke him up by calling his phone.  Sometimes its not so bad he loves his phone so much!

My mw is lovely. She’s absolutely amazing.  She’s also been married to my uncle for 25 years and delivered The Toddler.  Nothing like keeping it in the family. Anyway, she came over and checked bp and pulse, both of which were slightly higher than my normal, but that’s to be expected after throwing up.  She also offered to listen to the baby, which I had to decline as laying down made me sick.

It was all a bit dramatic for 7am, but luckily I was fine, so is the baby.  All except the tummy bug.  We seem to be clear of it now though.  Thank goodness.

On blogging

About ten years ago, before I really understood that very few people are lucky enough to be able to make a living doing something they love, I had aspirations to become a writer.

I was a bit of an “artsy” child; drawing, music, creative writing, clothes making…you name it, I’ve dabbled in it.   I was never really great at any of it.  Well, music, but that’s probably a topic for an entirely separate post.  I would have killed to have a blog space to express myself and write my crappy stories and articles.  I did do a few submissions for magazines and was politely rejected.  Now I see why.  See, I’m just not very good at it.

I can happily ramble on in my blog about the Toddler or the OH but, having read some other absolutely fantastic blogs, I understand why people aren’t really interested.

I’m not going to stop, I just wish, as my school reports used to say, I could do better.

Bank holiday sickness

And here we are once again.  A bank holiday.

What “here” generally consists of is cleaning up vomit/poop whilst feeling as rough as possible.

You see, as a family, we are cursed.  Every single bank holiday we have had since being a small family has seen one of us in bed sick.  And this one is no exception.

The Toddler vomitted in her bed yesterday morning and then refused to eat all day although she didn’t show any other signs of being off colour.  We were hoping that she would be back to normal today and that yesterday could be put down to the heat.

No such luck.  Today she has slept.  She doesn’t have a temperature and she has the shits. Again.  This probably means a tummy bug.

Guess who will be throwing up next weekend? *sigh*

Proof he really needs it!

Around a month ago, the OH spotted a copy of Halo Reach going for £17.99 on some website (I don’t know the details…I play WoW on a very irregular basis and that’s about it now!).  Anyway, for days and days all I had was begging from him to be allowed to get it.

A bit of background here is that with baby 2 due in around a month and me wanting to progress my career and go back full time with a promotion, money will be extremely tight.  As it is, we seem to have gone overboard on spending the last couple of days and I have the Guilt.  I’ve asked him to take back the dresses I will never wear but he is refusing…

I digress..

We had a deal going where he would clear some boxes in our junk room and I would reward him for being a good boy and buy him the damn game.  This bribe failed and his mother and I have ended up doing the majority of the work.

Now he is trying another tactic.  In the last week to two weeks, he has completed Okami and The Legend of Zelda and Portal 2 co-op.  I believe this may be building up to “but I don’t have anything else to play…”


Potty training…

Ok, so a lot of mummies will have done this without shouting about it on the internet, but they are not me and this is my blog so ner ner ner!

We tried The Toddler with a potty ages ago as she had horrendous nappy rash and even wearing a nappy was irritating her poor bum.  With luck more than judgement we managed to get her to wee on the potty.  Since then, lots of things have happened and we’ve had no other signs that she was ready so we left it.

Until Thursday.

It was sooo hot that I ended up stripping her down to her nappy.  She removed this promptly and when her dad produced the potty she shouted “potty!”  Credit to our wonderful childminder here as we haven’t exposed her to the potty for a while.  I know some of the older kids there are currently in training and she is such a mimic!

Well, I recognised the number 2 face and succeeded in getting the potty under her.  First potty no 2! I had a lot to do that day so sadly we had to retire that idea.

Friday, she came into our room at 6.40am (omg, I hate this time in the morning!) dropped her pj bottoms and exclaimed “potty!”  Being so early, it was a bit much for me to start running round after her.  I’m well aware that consistency is the key with these things, but we encouraged her to take a morning nap in our bed and grant me a rare lie in.  I know, at least three rules broken in one morning, however it was so nice to have a well behaved child for the remainder of the day.

Then today.  She didn’t want a nappy on this morning so we spent our time following her around with the potty and asking whether she needed a weewee or poop every five seconds.  She’s fairly vocal and responded with either a yes or a no each time.  I got her to wee in the potty this morning after asking her, but then she wet herself.  She looked so forlorn, and immediately came over and hugged me.  I told her it was ok, its just wee and her daddy cleaned it up with a nappy.

We then spent the majority of the day in the paddling pool where it didn’t matter too much which bodily functions she had.

Long and boring post about pee…

But, as she knows what she has done when she has done it and she can answer yes and no to the potty questions with quite a bit of success, we’re hoping the age of nappies for her should be ending relatively soon.  Yay!